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                                           COVID INFORMATION

We will be opening 6.30pm- 10pm artists will be on stage 7.30pm- 9.30pm approx our doors will be closed from 10pm, we operate  a one way in out system into and around the venue ..please follow the arrows strictly .. ...chairs/tables will be spaced at minimum 1 - 2 metres and side by side to mitigate against covid ,please note the layout below and purchase tickets in even amounts  i.e 2 or 4 or 6 meaning you are seated by a family or bubble member ,face masks must be worn at all times but not once seated at your table ,we now operate a table only service ,seating will be first come first served and when you enter the venue a member of staff will escort you to your table/chairs attendance will be maximum 90 and seating only and we ask you to remain seated unless visiting the toilets or smoking.. ,there are regular hand cleansing stations placed throughout the venue ... we will only accept card payments  ... there are 2 separate ladies toilets in the bar area and 2 separate gents toilets down stairs on the basis of on in one out .. clapping is allowed (as loud as you want to !) but no shouting ,cheering, singing .. attendance is strictly online tickets only  available by clicking the get tickets link on this website ... People should continue to socially distance from those they do not live with wherever possible. Social interactions and gatherings should be limited to a group of no more than 6 people  indoors.

All shows are currently strictly over 18's only until further notice


These restrictions are to keep you and our staff safe and help to keep our licence we ask you to please abide by them , these are testing times we are back a little different but its a start ...we need your support and we will do our best for you the Eleven family xx


All shows are currently strictly over 18's only untill further notice


We operate a Challenge 25 policy for all licensed sales and admission. To avoid disappointment, please ensure that you bring a PASS scheme card, drivers license or passport to ensure admission and service.


The venue operates a no re-admission policy once you have entered the premises. Bars accept debit and credit cards,


                                                                      DISABLED ACCESS

We currently do not have access for non-ambulatory persons to ELEVEN due to the fact that we are on the first floor with one flight of stairs and cannot reasonably adapt the premises ,in the event of fire for example wheelchairs would not be able to escape the building . The site does not currently have a disabled welfare facility. We do, however, welcome disabled customers who are ambulatory.




                                                                   USE OF CAMERAS

The general rule of thumb is that cameras with detachable lenses are viewed as professional use and will require accreditation gained from the artist for use in the venue. Customers that arrive with such cameras may be asked to leave them in our secure cloakroom until the close of the show at the insistence of the artists’ policy. Most compact, phone and hybrid cameras are considered non-professional under typical artist policies. Generally no audio or video recording devices are admitted to the premises, phones are acceptable unless deemed prohibited by the artist.

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