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Only 1 household and bubble support member

can meet and be seated together


1 . A household to be seated together would need I.D to prove they live together I.e utility bill, driving licence etc..with each household members name to the same address also ONE bubble support member can be seated with them,if you can not supply this information we can not allow you to enter


2. A Single person attending requires no I.D and will be seated alone or can have ONE support bubble member seated with them


3. A support bubble member does not Require I.D , we do not have to ask for proof if you are a bubble support member as impossible to prove,


General covid Rules

1. We will be opening from 6.30pm and closed by 10.00pm .

2.The show will begin between 7pm - 8pm and finish for 9.30pm approx  

3. Bars will be closed from 9.30pm.

4. We operate  a one way in out system into and around the venue please follow the arrows strictly.

5. Chairs/tables will be spaced at minimum 1 - 2 metres and side by side to mitigate against covid .

6. Please note the floor plan below and purchase tickets in even amounts i.e 2 or 4 or 6 (maximum 6) meaning you are seated by a family or bubble member

7. Seating will be first come first served and when entering the venue a member of staff will escort you to your table/chairs.

8. Face masks must be worn at all times but not once seated at your table.

9. We now operate a seated only service .

10.We prefer card payment if possible as staff will not be carrying change.

11. Attendance will be maximum 90 and seating only and we ask you to remain seated unless visiting the toilets or smoking.

12. There are regular hand cleansing stations placed throughout the venue.

13. Clapping ,stamping, banging ,humming loudly!! is allowed (as loud as you want to !) but no shouting ,cheering, singing  etc..

14. Attendance is strictly online tickets only available by clicking the get tickets link on this website .

15. People should continue to socially distance from those they do not live with

All shows are currently strictly over 18's only until further notice

eleven plan tier 2 for media